Shaolin Temple Boxing - Tiger Ripping System

Demonstration Videos

Technique Demonstration Videos

No. 1: Crane Technique

AVI: Crane Technique - High Resolution (13.3MB)

No. 2: Knife Techniques

MPG: Knife Technique 1 - High Resolution (8.1MB)

MPG: Knife Technique 2 - High Resolution (7.6MB)

No. 3: Jo Technique

MPG: JO 1 - High Resolution (6.7MB)

No. 4: Sword Technique

MPG: Jin Dao Pattern - High Resolution (21MB)

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IMPORTANT! These technique demonstration vidoes are provided for information and demonstration purposes only. They are not a teaching tool. The club cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by the use of these techniques not under direct supervision of a club instructor.

All material contained in these videos is Shaolin Temple Boxing Tiger Ripping System Gung-Fu Club 2017 and may not be copied or distributed without the prior written permission of the club.