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We have special events regularly throughout the year.

Recently, a good friend of the Club, Paul Styles, came over from Canada to give us a weekend workshop on Xinquiguan and Baguazhang. Paul can be seen in the photo below (front right in the cap) with Bob Jones (front left), Paul's assistant (front centre), and some members of the club.

Paul is second in line to the system that taught Bruce Lee.

Photos from the recent (2021) Black Belt Awards

Si Gung Bob Jones with Master Ted Harris

Petro Puziak & Bob Jones, 1979

Petro is now in Australia and is a 6th dan black belt in Shotokan Karate. He lives in Perth and he was a 2nd Brown belt in our system befor moving abroad.


Master Ted Harris with one of his classes.


Si-Fu Bob Jones / Sensei Shodan Ju-jitsu - Photo taken by Master Ted Harris (February 1987)


Si-Gung Bob Jones on Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong
Si-Gung Bob Jones doing Tai Chi in the dedicated martial arts park in Kowloon (had to be done!)

Si-Gung Bob Jones with Phil Porter in Freemantle Australia
Thomas McKinnon Old School Friend 4th Dan Shotokan Karate from Keresley Newlands High School 1965 Photo Taken In Sydney Australia

Si-Gung Bob Jones and Thomas McKinnon with Thomas's 2 sons who are the current world Muay-thai WBC world champion cruiser weight. Steve is on the right and Stuart is on the left. Taken in the famous Bulldog gym in Sydney
Si-Gung Bob Jones and Petro Puziak in his own dojo at his home in Perth, Australia

Si-Gung Bob Jones with 4 ladies from Hong Kong doing Tai Chi in a park dedicated to martial arts in Kowloon
Si-Gung Bob with his good lady at the Famous Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, Brisbane

One of our students, Josh who also trains at the Shaolin Temple in China
Josh with one of the Masters at the Shaolin Temple

Si-Gung Bob Jones with Anthony Lacey (student, friend and creator of this website)
Si-Fu (as was then) Bob Jones with John Tremelling (4th Dan Aiki-Jutso) at Helston Royal Air Station Culdrose, Cornwall

Si-Gung Bob Jones discovers a great place
Si-Gung Bob Jones (Pic taken by Master T Harris

Si-Gung Bob Jones (Pic taken by Master T Harris)
Si-Gung Bob Jones (Pic taken by Master T Harris)

Si-Gung Bob Jones showing how it's done
Sifu Mike Jones in action

Sifu Martin Jones throwing someone ....

Harry showing his new grading certificate
Harry and Si-Gung Bob Jones

Course Held on 26th November 2013 From Left To Right Bob Jones , Rod Dolby, Russ Merryfield, Barry Tatlow, Mark Kemp, Mike Jones and Martin Jones
Tai Si-Gung Bob Jones with The Shaolin Warriors
Shoalin Freestyle, Barker Butts in Coventry