Shaolin Temple Boxing - Tiger Ripping System


When and Where we train:

Monday - 19:00 - 20:30 St. Augustine's Sports Centre, Heathcote Street, Coventry CV6 3BL

Sunday - 11:30 - 13:00 - (pre 16yrs) and (16yrs +) Price On Application
Massey Ferguson social club - Broad Lane Coventry CV5 7NL

On Demand and Special Training Courses

We provide specially designed courses that vary in duration from a few hours to a whole weekend

Course are available in Gung-fu, Dim-Mak, Knife Defence and Ladies Self Defence. Weapons training for Kubatan, Bokken and Jo/Bo Staff also available

We can tailor a course to your needs, please email us for more information

What training do we do?

We use a traditional Chinese Martial Art. The system is based on the Tiger style of the Shaolin Monks, which dates back over 2000 years. The Shaolin Monks have their Temple in the Chinese province of Hunan.

This tradtitional Martial Art is just as effective now as it was then. This is purely a self defence system, as well as traditional weapons training. This traditional Chinese art is a hard system (we believe the only one in Europe), however it can be modified into a soft style suitable for ladies self defence.

Using empty hand and foot techniques, this is a very unique fighting form.

The system was brought into this country by Master Bob Johnson.

The system is suitable for males & females aged 7 years or over , and is a perfect way to build self confidence, relieve stress, and keep fit.

Please note we are a non-profit self funding group


We have a well established system of grading. Anyone who earns a 'belt' works hard for it. The system is as follows:-

White belt

Double White belt

Green belt

Double Green belt

Brown Belt

Double Brown belt

First level Black belt up to Seventh level Black belt